Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Chess Club Goals & Rules

Coach Matt spent some time today reviewing our team goals and some rules for the club.  We have encouraged kids to keep these goals in the back of their mind and practice the rules during Chess Club.  We talked to kids about an upcoming tournament at Heritage Christian and they are very excited.

Goals for Chess Club:
  1. Learn the game of chess
  2. Have fun playing chess
  3. Get better at chess by learning skills, practicing and learning from others
Rules for Chess Club:
  1. Respect the school library
  2. Practice good sportsmanship (shake hands, say "good luck", "good game", no taunting)
  3. Learning to play chess means:
    • Be attentive - listen to coaches during lesson.  Ask questions if you don't understand
    • Start a new game when other game finishes (before 3:50)
    • Avoid conflicts.  Get help to solve disagreements

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  1. As discussed in Chess Club today, you can go to the website to register for the chess tournament THIS SATURDAY (1/9/10) here in Bothell. From the site, click tournaments and find the one for Bothell. Is it a state qualifying tournament so you can gain a state rank or improve the one you have! Cost is $25 to register and the tournament lasts the better part of the day. Hopefully Frank Love can have a presence there!!!