Friday, April 26, 2013

2013 State Championship!

On Saturday April 20th, Washington held its annual Elementary State Championship tournament in Vancouver, Washington at the Clark County Fairgrounds.  21 kids represented Frank Love at the tournament.

On Friday night, most kids met up at the hotel for a pizza party.  After dinner the kids went swimming in the pool. 
The hotel served breakfast at 6:30 Saturday morning.  It was an early start, but the kids arrived at breakfast ready to go with smiles all around. 

Round 1 started with some tough games but as a team we won more than we lost.  Round 2 proved to be more difficult with fewer wins.  Rounds 3 and 4 were even tougher.  Our team bounced back in Round 5 with more wins than losses. 


In the end Rohan led the team with 4 wins and 1 tie for an undefeated score of 4.5!  He won 3rd place for 6th grade.  Amazing!  Roshan had 4 wins for 4 points and won 7th place for 3rd grade.  Congratulations!

Elliott won 4 games for 4 points and won 2nd place in his division!  Congratulations!

Andy had 3.5 points in his first ever state tournament!  Hayden got 3 points and played some of the longest games of his chess career.  Austin and Seth each got 2.5 points.  Jack, Ethan, Brian, Curtis, Dylan, Lakshey, Henry, JazMinh, Liam R., Liam S., Seth, Caid, Cameron, Cooper, and Kenney also played their best and contributed to the team score with 1 or 2 points each.  With over 175 schools represented at the tournament, Frank Love placed 22nd for grades K-3 and 17th place for grades 4-6! 

 In between rounds there was time for some fun in the bouncy house, playing outside, eating lunch and just chilling.  There was even a 6 foot hamster roaming the room to entertain the kids.


It was a long day and an even longer awards ceremony.  We are so proud of how well our team played and how their good behavior represented our school.  Our chess team has come a long way since it started 5 years ago.  This Thursday (4/25) was our last chess club meeting.  Thank you for a great year and hope to see you all again in the fall!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Frank Love Students Go to the Super National Tournament!

Frank Love Chess Club is proud to have 2 students who represented our school at the Super National Tournament in Tennessee last week.  Congratulations to Rohan and Roshan!  Here are the details from Biju:

Rohan and Roshan had a great time at the 2013 Super National Chess tournament @ Nashville, Tennessee representing under Frank Love Elementary school which started from April 4th and lasted for four days. National chess comes every year…Every fourth year that becomes Super Nationals Chess tournament . 

With 5,335 participants, the 2013 Super Nationals beat the previous record (set in 2005) to become the world's largest over-the-board chess tournament. Held once every 4 years, this event brought competitors from every grade level, Kindergarten to 12th grade, to compete all under one roof at the Gaylord Opryland in Nashville. Participants came from 47 states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

Roshan Skariah (3rd grade) competed in K-5 U900 section (2 grade higher roshan) where there were 412 kids competed. Roshan came out undefeated ( winning 6 rounds and a draw for one round, out of the total 7 rounds) and became 4th position and received a huge trophy as tall as him. Roshan also received second place in the speed chess for K-3 U800-U900 section.

Rohan Skariah (6th grade) competed in K-9 U1250 section (3 grades higher than Rohan) where there were 250 kids competed. Rohan became 10th and received another big trophy.

Thanks to all Frank Love school teachers & students for all the best wishes and support. Special thanks to Dawn and Mr. Adams for organizing all the great chess club classes and motivating the kids. Special thanks to Principal Mrs. Jennifer Benson, Ms. Beth Gallagher (Roshan’s class teacher), Mr. Mike Nelson (Rohan’s class teacher) for all the great encouragement and support.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frank Love wins 2nd Place in the Northshore School District

On Saturday March 9th, 27 students represented Frank Love at the Shelton View Chess tournament.  This is a new record number of students ever to represent Frank Love at a single tournament.  Amazing!  The Shelton View tournament is only available to Northshore school distrcit students.  150 students from all over the district were present.  For 4 students from Frank Love, it was their first time ever competing in a chess tournament.  We are so proud to have Cody W., Ian, Monserrat and Sam as part of the team.  They had some good wins, tough matches and finished just a few points shy of qualifying for the state tournament.
We are also proud to have Aidan L., Aidan W., Caid, Cody M., Cole, Drew, Elliott, Ethan, Josh, and Liam R. compete on the Frank Love team.  Like the first time tournament goers, they played strong games against fierce competitors and came up shy of the 3 points needed to qualify for state this time. 




 2 kindergartners, Kandyce and Jack competed for our school team. Jack finished in 8th place in the kindergarten division and Kandyce finished in 7th. Congratulations to both of them!

Cameron, Cooper, Henry, Kenney, Liam S., and Seth all re-qualified for state by winning 3 games. 
Frank Love had one new State Qualifier at the Shelton View Tournament.  Lakshey won 4 games and finished in 10th place! 
In addition to Lakshey, Curtis, Dylan and Rohan each had 4 points.  Curtis won 7th place.

Dylan won 9th place.

Rohan won 6th place.
 Roshan was undefeated with 4 wins and a draw for a total of 4.5 points!  He took home the first place trophy!

It was another amazing tournament day for Frank Love chess club.  Lots of shaking hands, cheers, tears, pizza, bughouse, and smiles. 
At the end of the award ceremony, the top 6 schools in the Northshore School District were called on stage to receive a trophy.  Frank Love Chess Club won 2nd place!  Congratulations to the entire chess team!

If your child would like to compete in upcoming tournaments, there are more listed on  At least 2 Frank Love students are already signed up for the Terrace Park tournament on March 23rd.  Good Luck to them!