Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Frank Love wins 2nd Place in the Northshore School District

On Saturday March 9th, 27 students represented Frank Love at the Shelton View Chess tournament.  This is a new record number of students ever to represent Frank Love at a single tournament.  Amazing!  The Shelton View tournament is only available to Northshore school distrcit students.  150 students from all over the district were present.  For 4 students from Frank Love, it was their first time ever competing in a chess tournament.  We are so proud to have Cody W., Ian, Monserrat and Sam as part of the team.  They had some good wins, tough matches and finished just a few points shy of qualifying for the state tournament.
We are also proud to have Aidan L., Aidan W., Caid, Cody M., Cole, Drew, Elliott, Ethan, Josh, and Liam R. compete on the Frank Love team.  Like the first time tournament goers, they played strong games against fierce competitors and came up shy of the 3 points needed to qualify for state this time. 




 2 kindergartners, Kandyce and Jack competed for our school team. Jack finished in 8th place in the kindergarten division and Kandyce finished in 7th. Congratulations to both of them!

Cameron, Cooper, Henry, Kenney, Liam S., and Seth all re-qualified for state by winning 3 games. 
Frank Love had one new State Qualifier at the Shelton View Tournament.  Lakshey won 4 games and finished in 10th place! 
In addition to Lakshey, Curtis, Dylan and Rohan each had 4 points.  Curtis won 7th place.

Dylan won 9th place.

Rohan won 6th place.
 Roshan was undefeated with 4 wins and a draw for a total of 4.5 points!  He took home the first place trophy!

It was another amazing tournament day for Frank Love chess club.  Lots of shaking hands, cheers, tears, pizza, bughouse, and smiles. 
At the end of the award ceremony, the top 6 schools in the Northshore School District were called on stage to receive a trophy.  Frank Love Chess Club won 2nd place!  Congratulations to the entire chess team!

If your child would like to compete in upcoming tournaments, there are more listed on  At least 2 Frank Love students are already signed up for the Terrace Park tournament on March 23rd.  Good Luck to them!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Frank Love Chess Team Takes First Place!

On Saturday March 2nd, 20 students from Frank Love attended a chess tournament at Heritage Christian school in Bothell.  There were over 180 students in attendance.  It was an exciting day.  There was some confusion at check in because the hosts weren't sure of our school code.  Frank Love still isn't known in the world of serious chess competitors. 

Once we got to the team rooms, we waited for round 1 to start.  Frank Love students played some bughouse games and some practice chess games.  More than half of the Frank Love students won their first game.  It was a great start!  After round two, again, more than half of our team returned with a win.  And after round 3, there were 4 students with still perfect scores! 

In the end, only Roshan could hold to a perfect day by winning all 5 of his games.  He took home the first place trophy for the Open Section grades 1-3.  He is now eligible for a special tournament of Champions.  Rohan was also undefeated by winning 3 games and having 2 draws.  He won 4th place in the Open Section for grades 4-6.  Caid competed in his first ever tournament.  He won 4 games and won the 2nd place trophy for grades 406 U800.  Dylan, Seth, Cooper, Kenney, Liam S. and JazMinh all won 3 games.  Jack won 2.5 games and received a kindergarten trophy.  JazMinh, and Kenney all received state qualifying medals.  Cooper won 12th place for grades 4-6 U800.  Dylan won 11th place for grades 1-3 U800.  Seth won 11th place for grades 4-6 U800.  Cooper, Seth, JazMinh and Caid all became new State Qualifiers for Frank Love!
Curtis, Lakshey, Ethan, Elliott, Aidan, Liam R., Cody, Cameron, Henry and Drew may not have received any individual awards, but they did contribute to our team score.  Frank Love won the First Place Team Trophy beating out over 20 schools present.  This is the first time Frank Love has won a First place team trophy!  Congratulations!  Can they do it again next Saturday at the Shelton View Tournament?? 

On Saturday March 9th, Shelton View will be hosting a chess tournament open only to students of the Northshore School District.  The tournament is at Lockwood Elementary, not Shelton View.  Currently 20 students from Frank Love are signed up to attend.  We want to make sure that every student who wants to attend is able to.  Scholarships are still available.  Please contact Mr. Adams or myself for more information.  We are looking forward to another fun day filled with more proud moments.

The Washington State Chess Championship Tournament is scheduled for Saturday April 20th.  You must win 3 out of 5 games at a qualifying tournament to be eligible.  Currently we have 15 students who are eligible.  We have reserved a block of rooms at a hotel in Vancouver.  For anyone who had trouble booking a room earlier, the problem has been fixed.  Please contact Mr. Adams or myself for more information.