Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lake Hills Elementary Tournament

Congratulations to brothers Rohan (3rd grade) and Roshan (Kindergarten) from the Frank Love Chess Club!  Each scored 4 out of 5 points in the Lake Hills Elementary School tournament held on March 27. Four points tied Rohan with 4 other students in the 1st-3rd U800 division and he received a trophy for 4th place with tie breaker rules in place.  Roshan also received a nice trophy for 2nd place in the Kindergarten division. With 4 wins, Roshan is our latest qualifier and will join his brother Rohan in the WA State Elementary School Chess Championships to be held April 24 in Tacoma. Great job boys!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tournament Success!

Nine members of the Frank Love Chess Club had fantastic success at Shelton View’s tournament held at Lockwood Elementary this weekend. Over 100 participants from more than 10 schools attended. Frank Love Chess Club had good representation from 2 kindergartners, 1 first grader, 2 second graders, 2 third graders and 2 fourth graders. We had a fantastic time at the well-attended and organized tournament.

Here are some highlights from the event (pictures to follow):
  • Team Score: tournament team scoring is determined by the sum of the top 5 individual scores. Frank Love Chess team scored 17.5 points to secure 4th place out of over 10 teams and 100 students! This is a tremendous achievement considering that approximately 70% of our chess team this year consists of brand new chess club students. Moreover, 4 of our 9 tournament players were playing in their very first tournament ever!

  • Individual Achievements: Rohan and Curtis captured individual trophies, scoring 3.5 and 5 points respectively. It was a very impressive first tournament for Rohan as he won an individual trophy for all 3rd graders. Curtis absolutely dominated the competition, finishing in 1st place with 5 wins and no losses! For the second straight year, Frank Love took home the top trophy in the Kindergarten category (Kindergarten dynasty?). Last but not least, Aidan, Kenney and Kobe all qualified for individual trophies with 3 points each but due to tie-break rules, lost out to other players that scored 3 points as well.  

  • State Qualifiers: 5 Frank Love Chess team members qualified for the WA State Elementary Chess Championship Tournament to be held in Tacoma on April 24! In comparison, we qualified 3 students from all tournaments last year. 4 of the 5 students that qualified for the State tournament this year are first time State qualifiers! Congratulations to Curtis, Kenney, Rohan, Aidan and Kobe for qualifying for the State tournament by scoring at least 3 points out of 5 matches. On to State!