Monday, October 17, 2011

Chess Club Update

It was another great week for chess club.  This week we discussed many things.  All players should now know how to properly set up a chess board.  Ask your student if s/he knows what "white on right" means. 

We also moved onto some chess strategies.  We discussed how a "pin" can be useful.  See if your student remembers how we used a pin to get a checkmate.

The beginners group have been quick learners.  They have started playing games with each other and should be able to join the rest of the group soon!

Thank you to all who have completed and returned the northshore school district activities emergency information form.  Starting this week, October 20th, there will be an attendance sheet.  Students will have to sign into chess club and will not be allowed to stay without a completed form on file.  If you still need one, there are some in the office or you can contact me,

Quite a few people were interested in ordering Chess Club T-shirts this year.  The order was placed last week.  It takes about two weeks for the shirts to be ready and they will be distributed at chess club.

The Chess Club trophies have moved.  Mrs. Newton gave us permission to use the glass cabinet in the library to display the trophies and awards chess club has earned.  There are also some fun chess quotes and in keeping with Mrs. Newton's "question of the month," there is a "puzzle of the month" in the display.  Check it out and let us know if you have the answer!

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